Allison is the owner of Restoration Acupuncture + Wellness. She has lived in Bellville for six years now and loves the small town vibe. She and her husband grew up in small towns and they knew they wanted to raise their 3 boys in a similar community. 

Allison is active in her church teaching Sunday school, a soccer/baseball/basketball mom on the sidelines, loves playing golf and tennis herself, enjoys camping and traveling,and most importantly she loves spending time with family. 

After taking a few years off from her previous practice in Magnolia to focus on her little ones, Allison is excited and ready to bring acupuncture and holistic care to the Bellville area. She hopes to impact many people in their health journey and help guide them to live fuller, pain-free lives.  

My Health Journey...

Hi! My name is Allison and I have loved the health field since I was a little girl. I was born and raised in Hallettsville, Texas. I used to love to fish and dissect my catches just to see how the body worked. In high school, I went to my first acupuncture appointment with my grandma and was fascinated. She went in for sciatica pain and came out pain free. After attending the greatTexas A&M University...whoop...I had my eyes set on acupuncture school. I had dreams to learn how to treat the whole body and the root of the problem rather than just treating the branches. I gained so much insight into how the body works and how each organ system intertwines with each other.

During college I developed eczema on my right hand and I tried several herbal formulas during acupuncture school and had my fair share of acupuncture treatments. Nothing helped relieve the intense itching, cracking of my skin, and even bleeding on a daily basis.

After a few years practicing acupuncture, I had my first baby boy and dealt with many sleepless nights and running on coffee. I was a mom who knew she wanted to breastfeed her child for a year and I was ready to conquer this “mom” life.

So, what does any mom do, put on my "mom panties" and put everyone else first and myself last.

Three year later I had my second son and I was now blessed with juggling two kiddos and continuing to work in my acupuncture practice. This is when I noticed that my energy throughout the day just stunk.

Every afternoon I was looking for a caffeine boost and if I sat down to rest, I probably wouldn’t get up without a cat nap!

Meanwhile my eczema was still driving me nuts and I continued to experiment now with diet changes, cleanses, and herbs. The only thing my dermatologist had to offer me was steroids and my OB just told me to try and get more sleep.

My third pregnancy ended up being an ectopic pregnancy and quickly ended a few weeks in with a ruptured fallopian tube, blood transfusion, and emergency surgery. Blessed for a positive outcome but it was scary and life altering.

This event put a lot of stress on my body, both mentally and physically. I struggled with energy levels even more now and finally decided to get my thyroid tested. My levels came back low and I was diagnosed with hypothyroid.

Several months later, we conceived our third son and had a healthy deliver but my energy was at its all-time worst, my eczema was still a nuisance, and I needed to be present for my family. This is when I started looking for a solution myself. I happened to stumble upon Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) through a blogger I started following. I liked her information and I started doing some research into the principles of FDN and functional healing. I knew at this point I either needed to start working with a functional health practitioner or learn it myself and I chose the latter.

I always felt like there was a missing piece to my acupuncture practice and I decided this was it!

A few months after starting the FDN program I ran a hormone test and stool test on myself and discovered my immune system was basically non-existent, my hormones were crazy low, and my gut was full of bugs. Three weeks after starting my healing protocol my eczema was completely gone.

No more itching after 17 YEARS!!

My fatigue has greatly improved after several weeks of lifestyle and diet changes as well and I can finally stay awake during a movie. I am still continuing to work on my own health as it is a lifelong adventure, but I am so thankful for acupuncture and FDN and I look forward to many years of sharing it with others. Blending the two concepts together, although not required, make for a complete healing experience. 

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