I'm so glad you are here and want to discover how you can get answers for your healthcare needs! Our clinic is located in downtown Bellville, Texas and we are proud to serve this community, the surrounding areas, as well as offer virtual appointments for those further away. 

In our clinic, we...
  • provide acupuncture treatments to balance the body
  • continue to treat the root cause and not just the branches
  • empower men + women to advocate and prioritize their own health
  • run cutting edge functional lab tests to understand what’s going on inside your body
  • put together a personalized health protocol to focus on holistic nutrition and lifestyle changes to help support your body to optimal health
Helping YOU to RESTORE your body, naturally!!
Click below or call the office to schedule your
  • initial acupuncture treatment
  • follow-up acupuncture treatment
  • cupping treatment
  • OR complimentary health call to discuss our wellness programs and functional lab testing
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Allison Hebert, LAc, FDNP

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