Who is this program for?

This program is for you if you have been struggling and frustrated with your health for what seems like forever or you are ready to get the full picture of your health.

You’ve probably seen a handful of doctors and other medical practitioners and are still having the same issues with no answers.

There is a good chance you have been told your lab tests look “completely normal”.

Maybe you’ve been dealing with your symptoms most of your life and are ready to give up hope, but your gut is telling you there is something going on deeper than you know.

Using these two functional lab tests and our comprehensive intake forms, we are going to take a deeper dive into your hormones, immune, digestion, diet, and detoxification systems to get to the root of your symptoms.

Based on your lab results and correlating symptoms, you will receive a personalized health healing protocol and during our consulting sessions you will learn how to improve your lifestyle to optimize your health. This program allows us to work together with all the accountability, support, and guidance you need to succeed at living a healthy and abundant life.

Gut + Hormone Reset Program Includes:

  • 20 minute Complimentary Discovery Call
  • Health Screening Intake Forms
  • 45 minute Initial Heath History Consultation
    • DUTCH HORMONE TEST (Dried Urine Sample) OR ACCESS LABS STRESS & HORMONE PANEL (Saliva Collection)
    • GI MAP STOOL TEST (Sample Collected at Home)
      • Payment sent in with sample and not included in program cost.
  • 90 minute Results and Recommendations Consultation
  • 2 (45 minute) Follow-up Consultations
  • 1 (45 minute) Post-program Consultation
  • Unlimited Chat through OnlineHealthie Platform
  • 25% discount on all supplements ordered thru Fullscript

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