Find Out What's In Your Gut and Get Relief!

We are offering a GI-MAP test with a 60-minute interpretation as an a la carte service. You can see your results and have them professionally analyzed all for a great price!

Almost every patient can benefit from a GI-MAP gut health assessment. Some patients are looking to achieve optimal health, while other patients have been chronically ill and frustrated without a diagnosis for years.

Some conditions that warrant testing are:

  • Digestive complaints, diarrhea or constipation
  • Brain fog
  • Skin problems, like acne and psoriasis
  • Mood disorders, depression, and anxiety
  • Diabetes and weight loss issues
  • Autoimmune diseases
What Does the GI-MAP Test Program Include?
  • GI-MAP Stool Test (mailed to your address)
    • Client will send in payment with sample.
  • 60 minute Results + Recommendations Consultation
    • Lifestyle and supplement suggestions will be discussed.
  • 15% off Supplement Recommendations thru Fullscript
    • Supplements are an additional cost and not included.
What Does the GI-MAP Test For?
  • Parasite and worm infections
  • Candida and H. pylori infections
  • Bacterial health of the large intestine
  • Markers of pancreatic health (enzymes) and fat digestion
  • Marker of beta-glucuronidase (marker of estrogen and phase 2 liver detox)
  • Zonulin* (marker of leaky gut and leaky brain)

DISCLAIMER: Always ask your physician before starting this or any supplement protocol. The information on this page does not serve as medical advice.

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